Taking a Nudge Approach

Parenthood is complicated enough as it is. 

helps you and your family live a healthier life through simple & sustainable strategies.

 A nudge is a small change or changes that are easy and inexpensive to start.

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Establish Healthy Family Eating Habits

Early Childhood Nutrition Strategies

Set Healthy Realistic Goals

Personalized Nutrition Plan

Nudge Coaching

Being a new parent is exhausting and confusing. 

Trying to keep yourself healthy and happy while trying to become pregnant, during pregnancy or while working on your postnatal care is a lot to handle. Navigating the early days of having an infant, or starting your baby on solids can be very overwhelming.  It's ok to want some help. 

Together, we can make small changes in your daily life that will make a big impact on your physical and mental health. 


Looking for guidance and support?

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Nutrition coach in Toronto, Ontario

The journey towards health begins with a single step.


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